Saturday, September 13, 2008

Who's the Daddy????

This seems to be the #1 question on the lips of ppl who have started watching what is soon to be a cult hit 90210. I've had many conversations this week about who Kelly's baby's daddy could be and I've narrowed it down to one person.

Steve Sanders.

Why you ask?? Because it's the obviously not obvious choice. Brandon would be too obvious and Dylan even more so especially since the original 90210 ended with Kelly and Dylan together again.

Plus lets face it, out of Jason Priestley, Luke Perry and Ian Ziering, which of the three may be the most 'struggling' actor?

Ian Ziering you say?

After his stint on Dancing with the Stars he's had a couple of hosting gigs but I have not heard much about much else. So that is my theory. Steve is the daddy.

Whoever the daddy is will be revealed on this week's episode so I guess we will have to wait and see.

What say you???

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karen said...

didn't Kelly say that the dad was someone she was involved with in high school? if so, that would rule out Brandon; they didn't hook up until freshman year at California U. i never would have believed that it's Steve except that i recently saw an add for some show that had Luke Perry in it. but still, Steve???