Monday, June 30, 2008

Christiano Ronaldo has fun in the Sun

Now while I am not the world's biggest football/soccer fan, I can appreciate the game (Re: David Beckham) and this appreciation has definitely spread over to Mr. Christiano Ronaldo.

The Manchester United hottie was seen over the weekend frolicking with his model girlfriend (go firgure) and friends aboard a $12 million yacht in Sardinia, Italy.

Ronaldo is expected to make the move from ManU to Real Madrid later this year but is currently on a month's vacation so hopefully we will be getting more pictures to enjoy.

Ronaldo would be following in Mr. Beckham's big footsteps as David previously played for both ManU and Real before making the move to the US.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Leona Performs for Mandela

After attending a dinner in honour of Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday on Wednesday, Leona continued to sing praises for the birthday boy at a fundraising concert in his honour at Hyde Park in London.

Proceeds from the event are in aid of Mandela's 46664 charity, which is currently campaigning to raise awareness of the severity of the disease.

46664 was Mandela's prison number while he was incarcerated for his anti-apartheid views.

Rihanna and Chris go Grocery Shopping

Now I can never understand why when people do not want to be seen together they decide to walk a few steps apart from each other. After all, it's not as though they will end up in the same picture or anything???!?!?!

Rihanna and Chris were spotted around LA doing being all domesticated as they went grocery shopping together. The twosome tried to make it look as though they arrived separately but they were the only ones who thought it would work.

Apparently though no one let Chris' mum know she was supposed to help keep the secret. Mama Joyce Hawkins recently stated that Rihanna is “the sexiest and sweetest girl Chris has ever dated”.

Chris laughed off his mum's slip up by saying "Yeah yeah, she’s real cool. They’re both light skin with green eyes, so…!” (when asked if his mum liked Rihanna).

It's a Gossip Girl Summer

Real life lovers and costars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively were caught canoodling on the beach set of Gossip Girl. Now I'm not sure if this smooching was for the camera or not as last season left these two unsure as to where they were in their relationship but who cares.

They are so so so cute.Ed Westwick was also on set and this picture does seem to be a bit more Chuck than Ed. It's totally believable that Chuck would have a storyline about topless girls on a beach so no need to question whether the camera was rolling for this one.


Nelson Mandela Turns 90

The stars were out in fine form to help celebrate the 90th birthday of a man who se name has been synonomous with peace over the years.

A dinner was held in Nelson Mandela's honour on Wednesday in London. This dinner was just one event in a series of events to celebrate the life of this political laureate. A big outdoor concert is also scheduled for today (Friday) in Hyde Park.

The fundraising concert will be attended by an audience of exactly 46,664. 46664 was Mandela's prison number while he was imprisoned for 27 years.

Performing at the concert will be Leona Lewis, Annie Lennox and Amy Winehouse along with a host of other musicians.

Below are pictures from the arrival of celebrities at the Mandela dinner.

Jonas Bros do Denmark

The Jonas Brothers are currently wrapping up their European tour with Avril Lavigne (final show is tomorrow in Sweden).

Taking a break from performing, the brothers were spotted at their hotel where they took time out for photos.

The middle Jonas, Joe, recently spoke to the brother's views as young christians.

"Even songs we write today, if you really listen to the lyrics, it can be about love songs, but it's also about our relationship with God. It's simple. We're Christian guys in a rock 'n' roll band."

- Joe Jonas

It's nice to see that the "tween" set has good role models in the Brothers Jonai.

Beyonce Makes Her Way through Heathrow

Beyonce looked casual and chic as she was seen passing through Heathrow airport in London en route to Ireland yesterday afternoon. The singer was on her way to meet hubby Jay-Z who is playing a concert tonight in Ireland.

After this concert, the pair will return to England for the Glastonbury Festival.

Beyonce made sure that her love for home-state Texas was displayed for all to see on her T-shirt.

What's so cool about Bey is that she can glam it up like nobody's business and still be casual and comfy flawlessly.

Beyonce has been busy filming her latest movie Obsession with Idris Elba and is sure to get busier in the coming months as her new album is tentatively scheduled for a November release.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gwen Stefani is read to POP!!!

Gwen Stefani is almost ready from the look of these pictures. I give her til mid-July before she meets her new son/daughter. Gwen wanted baby #2 to be a delivery surprise like her baby boy Kingston.

It also looks like Gwen will be giving birth close to Angelina again as well. Little Kingston was born the same day as Angie's baby girl Shiloh.

Here Gwen is with her family and a friend as they took Kingston to the London Zoo.

Sunflower Rihanna

Rihanna looked radiant in yellow last night at the BET Awards. The "Disturbia" singer walked the red carpet, sat next to Chris Brown AND performed her No. 1 single Take A Bow.

Ms. Fenty looked flawless from make-up right down and I'm sure that if I had seen her shoes, I would think they were cute too.

Rihanna didn't walk away with any awards but I'm sure it didn't matter to her especially since she looked so nice.

Kim and Reggie hit STK

Now I'm not a big fan of Kim Kardashian due to the simple fact that she's famous then she did .... EXACTLY. She's famous for being famous.

One day I want someone to say "Oh that's Island Girl...she's famous because she's famous". I'm liking it already!!!

I'm straying though. I can learn to appreciate Kim a bit more if she continues to be photographed with her boyfriend, New Orleans Saints player, Reggie Bush.

Now while these pics don't nearly do him enough justice, they can work for now.

Kim and Reggie were seen leaving West Hollywood Eatery STK. What I liked most about these pictures though is that Reggie was seen holding Kim's bag. Perfect gentleman.

Step Aside Beyonce & Jay-z ...

...There's hip-hop royalty in town.

Nelly and Ashanti looked like they definitely deserved the title as they attended the BET Awards Pre-Party hosted by BET President and COO, Deborah Lee (pictured below).

This pair has long tried to keep their relationship private but I'm figuring that didn't work out so well as they have been increasing appearing together at red carpet events.

They look nice together though so why not.

Solange turns 22 in Style

Solange turned 22 in full celebrity style with a private party thrown by big sister Beyonce that had a guest list which included some pretty big names.

Solange wore a burnt orange dress - loved the colour, not so much the dress - and posed for pics with her sis, mum and a host of other attendees. The guest list included Ludacris, JoJo, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson just to name a few.

I wish my sister would do something like this for me....wait a second...i would have to have a sis huh???!?!?

Metallic Jennifer

Jennifer Hudson shined last night at the BET Awards which were held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Her dress, in my opinion was so appropriate for her body type and her hair was looking FIERCE!

I think it's interesting to see celebrities ditching the weaves, wigs and the extensions for shorter more natural looking styles.

Jennifer also premiered her very first video for her new single Spotlight. Check it out below. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Becks & Armani are the Perfect Couple

I'm really loving this working relationship that Armani and Becks have. It gives us to opportunity to be privy to Becks in all his glory. And some glory that is....


Becks was in Union Square, San Francisco this week to unveil his billboard. If it were up to me this is one Hollywood relationship that would prosper.


Heidi's Day Out

Heidi Klum had spent the last two days enjoying the first signs of summer as she took a stroll with her mum and son Johan (daughter Leni joined today).

Heidi always seems so family oriented and her mother is always close by. I guess with three kids all under the age of 4 some extra help is a necessity.

Rihanna is Today...well Yesterday

Rihanna performed Friday morning at NBC studios for the Today show and she had the crowd going wild. Rihanna, who looked like she was auditioning for a roll in the Nutcracker, performed three songs for the crowd, Take A Bow, Don't Stop The Music and Umbrella.

While in my mind she still isn't the strongest vocally, she has proven that she knows how to work a crowd.

Rihanna spoke about being an ambassador for Barbados. She said:

I am the official ambassador for cultural youth, which is perfect for me because I love dealing with young people. Barbados will always be home. They’re very, very supportive. They’re my backbone. It’s where I started. I couldn’t ask for a better place to grow up in.”

And lets talk about sister girl's choice of shoes....HELLO!!!!! Now those are class if ever I did see it.

Gossip Girls Continue in the Hamptons

I love seeing pictures from the set of Gossip Girls because it means we are getting closer to a new season come September. The gang continues its romp in Southampton, NYC shooting scenes for the highly anticipated Season 2 of the hit show.

While on set, Blake Lively found the time in between shoots to spend quality time in with boyfriend and co-star Penn Badgley.

I really love the clothes they dress the girls in on this show and Blake's printed mini is no exception.

And well the pic of Chase Crawford I threw in for good measure.


Jada Supports Willow

While dad Will Smith is off promoting his film Hancock in Europe, wife Jada is in NYC supporting her daughter Jada who has been promoting her own movie Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.

According to IMDB, The movie is 'a drama based on the American Girl doll line and will center on Kit Kittredge, a young woman who grows up in the early years of the Great Depression'.

This film marks Willow's second movie role, the first was with dad in I Am Legend.

Brother Jaden was also at the premiere and as cute as these kids are I have to say that Willow has her dad's big-ole ears. So so so cute!!!

Not to be outdone by her kids, mum Jada looked chic in a plum coloured top and heels to match.


Deacon Wants World Peace

Now isn't this the cutest thing!!

Little Deacon is telling us exactly what is on his gift list. Deacon was out and about with his recently-divorced-from-his-dad-mom Reese Witherspoon as she ran some errands.

I've always thought that Deacon was a mini-me to his dad, Ryan while big sister Ava was all Reese. It's good that this Reese and Ryan have decided to share parenting duties for the sake of their children.

Earlier this week Deacon was with dad doing some grocery shopping.

Alicia Wraps Tour

Alicia finished her As I Am tour this past Wednesday with a performance Madison Square Garden in New York. After the performance, a wrap party was held at The Park and guests of her tour John Legend and Ne-yo were in attendance with some other folks.

Alicia posed for pics with her mum Teri and others at the even and it seems like fun was had by all.

I had to include the last pic simply because John Legend and Estelle seem to be having a ball.

Beyonce Au Natural

Beyonce was seen out shopping in LA in a look that she doesn't often wear. The bootylicious diva wore no makeup (not even a little lip gloss) as she took advantage of her free time to hit up Neiman Marcus.

Bey is in town shooting her new movie Obsessed.

The first pic shows has clean Beyonce's face is which really does echo how naturally beautiful she is.

In semi-related news, does anyone else think of that Blu Cantrell song Oops when they here the words "Neiman Marcus"? Somehow that's always the first thing that comes to mind for me.

The first like of that song is 'went to Neiman Marcus on a shopping spree".

Random thought #567.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nicole and Joel have Mummy and Daddy Time

New parents to baby Harlow Winter left their bundle of joy at home so that they could enjoy a night out without having to change a diaper.

Nicole and Joel attended Cartier Love Charity Bracelet launch party which seeks to raise money for 16 global charities.

Nicole looked simple and elegant in a floral halter dress while her dude, ever a creature of habit, wore his trademark white shirt and black pants.

Hey you can't fault him for trying.

Welcome Maddie Briann

Jamie Lynn has POPPED!!!!

The youngest Spears gave birth to a healthy baby girl this morning jsut around 9:30 surrounded by her family, including big sis Britney.

Jamie Lynn had a natural birth but labour had to be induced.

Dad is fiance Casey Alridge.

Congrats to her and her family.

Rihanna is Carrying the Name of Fashion too Far

Ok normally for me Rihanna is a hit or opinion prefer Rosci's (below) shoes. Rihanna continued her promotional run with an appearance on 106 and Park.

The Bajan girl recently declared
her new single Disturbia to be the 'song of summer'.

Rihanna should know about summer hits as her singles Pon De Replay (2005), SOS (2006) and Umbrella (2007) all had summer success. Disturbia was written by rumoured boyfriend Chris Brown.