Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wentz Baby on the way...

So these two now have the first and second worst kept secrets as Pete has confirmed on his blog that he and his wife are expecting a new addition to their family.

"While many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child. This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family." - Pete and Ashlee Wentz

Congrats to the happy couple.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mel B. makes me feel bad

It's summer so we'll be seeing lots of bikini pics and here Mel B. is sending me straight to the gym after work tomorrow evening. Some people are saying that she looks a bit masculine but I think power to her for getting back her pre-baby body.

She was frolicking on the beach with her hubby having a grand ole time.

Donna Martin says YESSSSS

Slowly but surely this 90210 V2.0 is taking shape and now it has been confirmed that Donna Martin Tori Spelling has agreed to a starring role.

CW has confirmed that Tori will reprise the beloved role as the owner of a trendy boutique that the new cast frequents. I wonder if she still owns Now Wear This. Who's happening and it's happening quickly.

This makes two confirmed original cast members - Jennie Garth being the first.

Calling Brenda, Dylan, Steve, Brandon, David, Andrea all original cast members.

Mariah and Nick continue to be married

I still don't know how these two ended up married but obviously it's still working for them. The pair continued to maximise Nick's 10 minutes of fame as they walked through the airport in Japan.

This couple seems to enjoy hamming it up to the cameras everytime they are seen together. It's almost as if they are trying to make us believe that they belong together. Who knows?

The obviously know something that I don't.

Lindsay and her sis hit NYC

L-Lo was out and about with her little sister Ali today in NYC. Ali has recently been on a promotional run with their mum Dina to promote their new reality show on E!.

It's nice to see Lindsay take time out of her busy schedule (am....yea) to spend time with her sister. Guess she was trying to hang with people other than BFF Samantha Ronson....

And that didn't last long as Samantha was seen with the pair later that day.

The Jonas Empire...

...just keeps growing. The Jonas brothers, who are everywhere, all the time now, have been granted a book deal from the Disney Book Group which will chronicle the behind-the-scenes life of these brothers.

The book will include pictures and interviews with the brothers.

They also have their movie premiering on the Disney Channel on June 20th.

Their song When you look me in the eyes seriously surprised me at how nice it was (mainly because I'm not 14). It reminded me of an album Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) would make.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tori & Dean - On Rodeo

Everytime I see Tori Spelling now I get uber excited about the new 90210. Tori has signed on to be a part of the pilot episode and I can't wait to see her reprise her character (if that's the direction the show goes).

Tori was out and about with her husband Dean and 14 month old son, Liam. Tori expects her second baby - a girl- in about 2 weeks.

Getting Jiggy Wid It

Beyonce and Jay-Z continued to party it up in France at Jay's VIP party at Palm Beach Casino in Cannes.

Also in attendance for the shindig were Diddy and Kerry Washington.

Bey looks really natural with her hair pulled back but here she is again with her stomach covered...hmmmmm

Christina and hubby enjoy date night

New parents Christina and Jordan spent some quality adult time together with a late dinner in West Hollywood and a visit to the Villa nightclub for a night cap.

Christina always has questionable clothing but there is no doubt that her style is all her own.

She and her hubby seem like the perfect match despite the fact that she's always so made up and he always seems laid back and casual.

That's true love.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

David Cook

When I saw these pics I knew i had to post them. I think they capture the essence of David Cook at the triumphant end of his American Idol journey perfectly.

He really does seem like such a sweet guy.

Kate Voegele - Hallelujah

I've been seriously crushing Kate Voegele's voice since she appeared in One Tree Hill this season.

Kate had a song featured in an episode of OTH (right now the episode eludes me) that I fell in love with instantly. It's a cover of Leonard Cohen's 1984 song Hallelujah. Unfortunately it can't be found on her debut album Don't Look Away but her other songs are just as nice....

This summer Kate will be opening for Natasha Bedingfield and The Veronicas on the Verizon VIP Tour.

Have a listen and tell me what you think.

Alanis has a new look

Alanis Morissette premiered a new look as she made on appearance at Rockefeller Center for the Today Show Concert Series. Alanis was promoting her new cd Flavors of Entanglement.

She also performed her hit Ironic for the adoring crowd that was present.

What do you guys think about her new look, I mean she has come a longggggg way from her You Outta Know days hasn't she?

Alanis even has a new tattoo to support her new look.

Jessica Alba is a Miu 2

A very pregnant and recently married Jessica Alba went shopping for some maternity wear at Miu Miu in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Jessica is expecting a girl later in the coming few weeks.

Beyonce is Nice

Dreamgirl Beyonce and hubby, Jay-Z arrived in Nice on Thursday to participate in the activities for the Cannes Film Festival.

Beyonce looked chic as she left the airport after her arrival. One thing that was pretty suspicious though was the fact that her bag never seemed to NOT cover her stomach....hiding something B??

Beyonce is reportedly in talks to sing the theme song for the new Bond movie as first choice Amy Winehouse has been removed from the project.

Back to reality...

Looks like the vacays are over for the Simpson-Wentz clan. The group who was vacationing in the Caribbean - Jessica and gal pals in Cabo and Pete and Ashlee reportedly in Turks and Caicos - all left paradise to return to their normal activities.

Jessica was seen boarding a private jet with her mum, dad and friends on Thursday headed to Burbank, Ca.

Ashlee and Pete on the other hand arrived at LaGuardia airport in NYC and happily posed for photos before heading to their hotel. The couple tried to trick the public into thinking they wouldn't be taking a honeymoon. Pete had told Ryan Seacrest that “he and Ashlee were actually honeymooning in the basement of their home!”

Guess they had the last laugh!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jessica Alba Marries

First Beyonce, then Mariah, then Ashlee now Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba wed long-time beau and dad to her soon-to-be-born baby girl, Cash Warren, this past Monday in a quiet, private ceremony.

The couple met in 2004 on the set of Fantastic 4 and expect their bundle of joy in late May/early June.


Leona Lewis - NewNowNext

I'm always happy when I see Leona at an event in the US. It means she's getting the recognition that she deserves.

Here she is at the NewNowNext awards this week. Leona walked away with THE KYLIE AWARD: NEXT INTERNATIONAL CROSSOVER.

Michelle Williams at NewNowNext Awards

The least talked about Destiny's Child, Michelle made an appearance at the Logo's first ever NewNowNext awards in NYC this week.

Michelle looked really cute with a new haircut and overall look and I think she worked it well. Her new album Unexpected is expected in stores August 12th.

I wasn't really familiar with these awards so after some checking I found out its basically a celebration of gay culture and emerging pop culture trends. Take a look at the NewNowNext blog.

DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never in my life have I been happier to be wrong....David Cook is this year's American Idol and believe you me I was crying right along with him. I honestly believe it is well deserved on his part and while you David A. did admirably too, Cook can make more of this opportumity now - David A. is younger so by extension his marketability window is open for a few more years.

And what made it a great journey to watch for David C is how consistently humble he presented himself to be. He made me smile with his charm and charisma....

He was my Idol from day one and especially after he stole my heart with Always be my Baby so Congratulations to him....

Believe I will be on line to buy his record later this year.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Final Two

In what was probably one of the most predictable season American Idol has had in years, we're down to the Davids and so far what a show....David Cook opened the show with U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and he absolutely KILLED it. But I'm slightly biased.

David Archuleta on the other hand did have a pretty impressive first song as well with Sir Elton's Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. His vocals were on point.

Cook just sang the writer's choice. Nice song. His voice is strong and it shows....

More to come...


The show isn't even finished yet but David Archuleta sooooo just won American Idol.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I cannot wait....this has peaked every TV loving bone in me...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Christina A out and about

Christina Aguilera has really been taking advantage of her post-pregnancy body since giving birth to son Max Liron in January. Usually Christina's look is hit or miss with me but I am absolutely loving this dress. Christina seemed to really like it too as she bought the same one in a different colour.

The last time i was this impressed with a Christina A dress choice was at the 2006 VMA's. Now that was a dress.

Here she is out and about in NYC this week.

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Wentz

In what was probably the worst kept secret this week, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz got married this past Saturday at Ashlee's parents home.

Big sis Jessica and her boyfriend, quarterback Tony Romo were in attendance for the sunset ceremony. Ashlee's dress was a Monique Lhuillier design.

I can't wait to see the official photos.

They seem like such a genuine couple. A year after they had been dating, Pete disclosed to People mag ,"We're past the honeymoon period. The truth is, it's crazy to be able to kiss your best friend. It's just a really awesome thing."

That is the best feeling in the world!!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rihanna headed to the movies

Barbadian born Rihanna is poised to make the most of all the opportiunities she's been given. There's buzz that she is set to play a part in Mama Black Widow with Kerry Washington.

"Set in the 1930's, the movie directed by Darren Grant will be centering its story on the migration of a black family from the segregated southern Mississippi to the Chicago's degrading black community. The story resolves around Otis Tilson as he fights to keep his family together in spite of alcoholism, pimping, sexual deviation and racial degradation circulating around them."

Sounds pretty good for our Ri-Ri. Hope she can deliver it.

She just seems to be all over the place now though. Here's the video for her new single with Maroon 5, If I Never See Your Face Again.

Taylor Hicks takes on Broadway

In a move that seems to be the trend now with American Idol Alums, Taylor Hicks will be making the move to the Great White Way to play Teen Angel in Grease beginning June 6th.

Taylor will follow fellow idol alumni Fantasia (Colour Purple), Diana Degarmo (Hairspray) Frenchie (Rent), Constantine Maroulis (The Wedding Singer) and Tamyra Gray (Rent).

I saw Tamyra in Rent last Thanksgiving and she was absolutely stunning. Her portrayal of Mimi brought tears to my eyes....

Janet turns 42!!!!!

Now I'm really feeling mature....

Janet Jackson celebrated her 42nd birthday on Friday night with a dinner at Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood. Janet has aged so nicely and she is still considered one of the greatest performers of all time.

I'm Not Obsessed has some more pics from the night.

Beach Body Brit

Britney enjoyed some fun in the sun while on vacation in Costa Rica. Brit was invited to spend some time with Mel Gibson on his private ranch in Costa Rica and she has been living it up. Her dad Jaime also accompanied her. All these things are positives for Britney.

She's definitely come a long way and for sure has farther to go.

Not Ugly Betty

America Ferrera showed why she was nothing like her character as she stopped and signed autographs for fans outside of the studios of the Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday looking slightly like she could be Eva Longoria's kid sister.

While i'm not a big Ugly Betty watcher (read: don't watch at all), I've been a fan of America since she was in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and I'm eagerly awaiting the release of this summer's Sisterhood 2. I absolutely loved her as Carmen.

Any of you guys big Ugly Betty fans?

Mommy Glow

Angelina recently showed off how glamorous being pregnant with twins could be. The actress looked radiant while at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of her new animated film, Kung Fu Panda.

She's just reminding me how I want to be a big and beautiful pregnant girl too....whenever that may be :).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spotted: Blake and Penn do Cancun


There's no denying this one now. Caught in the act onscreen/offscreen couple Blake Lively and Penn Badgley.

This is such a cute coupling it sucks. Young and happy...oh to be.

The happy duo was spotted over the weekend enjoying some quality time poolside in Cancun.

It's refreshing to see young Hollywood enjoying itself without stumbling out of a night club or being arrested for a DUI.


All about the Gossip Guys

Now I consider myself an avid TV viewer and I give all shows a fair chance especially if the cast has a "breakout" star and its because of this that Gossip Girls gets my FULL approval.

The Gossip Guys are Gorgeous. Each of the three has a different appeal and it's thoroughly entertaining to watch them in action.

I find great comfort in knowing that even if the show ever goes downhill, the Gossip Guys would still definitely be worth watching.

Who's your favourite Gossip Guy?

XOXO Gossip Girl

90201 Ver 2.0

Nothing has thrilled me more in the TV world than the news that a 2008 version of teen cult favourite Beverly Hills, 90210 has been given the production green light.

What is even more excited is that the casting seems to be going full steam ahead. Ms. Kelly herself aka Jennie Garth has signed on to play a guidance counsellor at the famous West Beverly High. How cool is that???

Tori Spelling has also been asked to star in the series which is being marketed as "90210" - yes ads have already started airing.

Now for me this is major as I must still get my fill of the ever popular zip code EVERY single day (I tape the reruns and therefore admit to having some deep rooted problem with growing older).

What would make this even better for me is if the entire original cast was confirmed for at least one appearance in this new take on the good ole zip.

Ain't some ppl lucky???

Angelina Jolie is pregnant with twins!!!!!

How lucky can one person be??? First a beautiful son, then a gorgeous daughter, then BRAD PITT, then a precious baby, then another son and now Miss Angie is pregnant with TWINS !!!!!!

After all the speculation, Angelina confirmed that she is in fact expecting twins but declined to comment on whether the new additions to her family were boys or girls.

There must be something in the water in Hollywood. It always seems like everyone is preggers at the same time.

Order has been restored to the world!!!!!!

Congratulations to the new winner of America's Next Top Model!!!!

Mind you I wasn't overly impressed with this cycle of ANTM. I found the challenges boring and the photoshoots borderline interesting at most. But I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome for this cycle. It's amazing how far we have come when it comes to what is considered beautiful.

Congratulations Whitney!!!!!!