Wednesday, May 14, 2008

90201 Ver 2.0

Nothing has thrilled me more in the TV world than the news that a 2008 version of teen cult favourite Beverly Hills, 90210 has been given the production green light.

What is even more excited is that the casting seems to be going full steam ahead. Ms. Kelly herself aka Jennie Garth has signed on to play a guidance counsellor at the famous West Beverly High. How cool is that???

Tori Spelling has also been asked to star in the series which is being marketed as "90210" - yes ads have already started airing.

Now for me this is major as I must still get my fill of the ever popular zip code EVERY single day (I tape the reruns and therefore admit to having some deep rooted problem with growing older).

What would make this even better for me is if the entire original cast was confirmed for at least one appearance in this new take on the good ole zip.

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