Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rihanna headed to the movies

Barbadian born Rihanna is poised to make the most of all the opportiunities she's been given. There's buzz that she is set to play a part in Mama Black Widow with Kerry Washington.

"Set in the 1930's, the movie directed by Darren Grant will be centering its story on the migration of a black family from the segregated southern Mississippi to the Chicago's degrading black community. The story resolves around Otis Tilson as he fights to keep his family together in spite of alcoholism, pimping, sexual deviation and racial degradation circulating around them."

Sounds pretty good for our Ri-Ri. Hope she can deliver it.

She just seems to be all over the place now though. Here's the video for her new single with Maroon 5, If I Never See Your Face Again.

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