Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rihanna is Today...well Yesterday

Rihanna performed Friday morning at NBC studios for the Today show and she had the crowd going wild. Rihanna, who looked like she was auditioning for a roll in the Nutcracker, performed three songs for the crowd, Take A Bow, Don't Stop The Music and Umbrella.

While in my mind she still isn't the strongest vocally, she has proven that she knows how to work a crowd.

Rihanna spoke about being an ambassador for Barbados. She said:

I am the official ambassador for cultural youth, which is perfect for me because I love dealing with young people. Barbados will always be home. They’re very, very supportive. They’re my backbone. It’s where I started. I couldn’t ask for a better place to grow up in.”

And lets talk about sister girl's choice of shoes....HELLO!!!!! Now those are class if ever I did see it.

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Anonymous said...

Love the shoes...hate the hat...