Monday, July 20, 2009

Chris Brown Issues an Apology

Holy Smokes!!!!

After waiting 5 months since the incident occurred, Chris Brown has finally made a statement with regards to the Rihanna incident. He is blaming his delay in commenting on his lawyers who wanted him to have the legal aspect over before he made any form of a statement.

My question is, how genuine is this statement, it's obviously rehearsed and repeated so does it come from his heart or is this his way of making sure he still has any semblance of a fan base going forward?

Many persons still feel he got a slap on the wrist with his community service and no real jail time, but do we honestly believe that Chris is regretful that his anger and temper got the best of him or is he more upset that his anger and temper were exposed???

I guess we will never know.

The video can be watched over at TMZ.COM.

1 comment:

CB Lover said...

Despite the fact that he was reading from a cue card...I love Chris Brown....patiently awaiting his comeback....
Have u seen Rihanna's new do?? Post a post about that!