Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fitting Farewell for the Incomparable MJ

Yesterday was all about Michael.

And that's the way it should have been. (not that slap dash tribute BET attempted). The Los Angeles Staples Centre brought together the biggest of stars to memorialize the King of Pop.

From Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie, to Brooke Shields and Usher, celebrities and fans alike paid tribute to their idol before he was taken to his final resting place, which from all reports remains unknown.

Perhaps the most touching part of the memorial was when his daughter, Paris Katherine Michael spoke and for me that was the breaking point.

She said Michael was "the best father you could ever imagine" and in my heart of hearts I honestly believe her.

After seeing the kids interaction with the rest of the Jackson family, I think it would be a travesty to take these kids from their family. After all this is the only family they have known and in my opinion, paternity and familial ties were never disputed when Michael was alive so why argue it now. These kids have lost the only parent they have ever known...staying with his family would be there way of being with him - they are old enough to know the difference.

Here are some pictures from the star studded event.

Source: ConcreteLoop

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