Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gary Dourdan Arrested!!!

Oh no!!!

What's wrong with hollywood stars that once they are away from the spotlight for a bit their re-entry always seems to be marked by an arrest???

Former CSI star Gary Dourdan was arrested on Monday in Palm Springs on suspicion of possessing heroin, cocaine, ecstacy and other prescription drugs. He was asleep in his car at 5:21 AM when law enforcement approached his vehicle and arrested him. Dourdan was taken to the Palm Springs jail and was later bailed out on $5,000.

This incident comes a few weeks after it was announced that Gary would not be renewing his contract with CSI after it expired this year.

Whenever I see him my mind immediately flashes back to 1993 and him as Janet J's love interest in her Again video....

Am I the only one??


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