Monday, April 28, 2008

Please let her be 15!!!!!

There has been a LOT of talk over this weekend about the Vanity Fair photoshoot that Miley Cyrus posed for where she appears to be nude with just a sheet draped over her.

Everyone and their grandmother are now apologising for these pictures which in my honest opinion should never have been taken. Come on folks. This child (cause yes that's what a 15-year old is) should never have been given permission to do such a shoot. Now everyone is talking about how artistic the shoot was supposed to be and how innocence was to be portrayed - she's 15....that's how you portray innocence. There is nothing added that is needed.

And shame on her parents for exploiting her like this. They were on set with her and supposedly condone this "art" but if it were my child (if I had a child) she would have been in a Barbie shirt with pigtails. But that's just me.

Some behind the scenes shots have been released to quell the impact of the first released shots and yes Miley is in jeans and I'm guessing a tube top of sorts under the sheet but the implicated intention behind the final shots says a lot more.

The poor girl needs some direction. QUICKLY.

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