Monday, November 24, 2008

AMA Recap

Last night was the big American Music Awards show and that transalated to big performances during the 3 hour event.

I was more concerned about the red carpet fashion though.

Alicia Keys looked stunning; to me she had the best dress of the night and the classiest look of the night.

Leona Lewis looked cute in a frilly, sequened silver dress. I love Leona because despite the fact that she has one of the most powerful voices in recent times (her whistle register is phenomenal), she is sooo unassuming in her presence. There's a shyness about it that's quite endearing.

The Jonas Brothers have a great stylist. They always look sooo put together.

Rih-Rih disappointed me. She reminded me of a potato sack. An expensive sack but one none the less.

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 16th birthday yesterday but she looked a lot older than that. She's barely 16, I think she should spend more time enjoying her youth. Seriously. She looked nice but she could have looked younger.

Pink cleaned up beautifully and looked very elegant in both her arrival gown and her performance gown. She really classed it up.

Christina Aguilera wore a nice dress. I'm not however sure it was the right dress for her. It paled her skin out a bit too much and showed that she's not quite as endowed as she was just a few months ago post baby. Still a dress I would want in my closet though.

Did anyone else make you say oooh at the event??

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